Appliance Removal in Fairfax, VA

 Make Room for More Without Unwanted Appliances

We are your trusted partner for appliance removal in Fairfax, VA. If you have bought new appliances and need to swap the old ones, we can time the appliance removal with your new delivery so we don’t disturb your household!

When Old Appliances Become a Burden

Get Rid of Your Old, Unwanted Appliances Safely

Your old refrigerator sitting idle in the garage, the freezer that’s been out of order for months, the washing machine that’s broken, or the dryer that’s no longer efficient – dealing with these large, unwanted appliances can be a burden. They take up valuable space, cause clutter, and can even pose safety risks, leaving you feeling worried and overwhelmed. Let us haul them away safely.

Welcome a Home With More Space

Get Professional Appliance Removal Services in Fairfax, VA

Let us ease your burden. We’ll handle the hefty lifting, hauling, and responsible disposal or recycling of unwanted appliances. We turn what could be a stressful, time-consuming chore into a quick, effortless process, freeing up your space and your time. However, we do not remove or detach gas lines, water lines, or electrical lines; all appliances must be detached before we can remove them.

Appliances We Can Remove

Have a More Organized Home With Less Old Junk

  • Refrigerator Removal
  • Freezer Removal
  • Washing Machine Removal
  • Dryer Removal
It's Haul Good truck filled with junk

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Maximize Your Space With a Cleaner Place

More Tranquility

With unwanted appliances gone, enjoy the tranquility of a clutter-free home.

More Space

Free up room for new appliances, extra storage, or simply enjoy the added space.

More Organization

Improve the efficiency of your home by getting rid of old, energy-draining appliances.

Get Ready to Haul Away Old Appliances

How it Works

Reach Out

Contact us to schedule a convenient pickup date and time.

Identify Your Items

Prepare the appliances you want removed and are causing trouble.


We’ll ensure your old appliances are responsibly disposed of or recycled.

Embrace a clutter-free home with more room for your family. Schedule your appliance removal service in Fairfax, VA now!

Items we don’t pick up

We don’t take any masonry products like stone, concrete, landscaping pavers, sand, gravel, dirt since hese items require specialty trucks.

We don’t take hazardous materials, flammable and compressed aire. However, we do work with professionals who do remove this type of work. If you’re interested in getting in touch with these professionals, please give us a call!

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